Frequently Asked Questions

 Why Should I Have My Gutters Cleared ?

If your guttering has not been cleared for the past 12 month its highly advised to have your guttering cleared of any debris.
Blocked gutters can cause many costly repairs to your home as the gutters jobs is to guide the rainwater away from your property, if the gutters are blocked and the rain waters isn't able to flow then damp issues can arise causing structural damage to your home. For more information regarding why you should have your guttering cleared Axa's Article is a great read .

How Often Should I have my Gutters Cleared ?

Your gutters should be cleared at least once a year to ensure they are fully working correctly and there is no blockages preventing the rain water flowing away from your roofline.

Can You Clear Hard To Reach Gutters ?

Yes, we are able to clear all guttering whether that be using our gutter vacuum system or our 10 meter triple ladders and hand held gutter cleaning tools.

How Long Will My gutters Take To Clear ?

This is dependant on the property's size and the amount of debris present in the gutters but most gutters are cleared within 1-2 house on most houses.

Do I have To Be At The Property For You To Clear My Gutters ?

No, as long as we can gain access around the property we can clear your gutters without the need of anyone been at home. Photo evidence is supplied to show all gutters are fully cleared which will be forwarded along with your invoice to make payment once the job has been complete.

If There Are Any Problems With My Gutters Can You Repair My Guttering ?

Once we have cleared all debris a water flow check is carried out to ensure there are no blockages in the down-pipe and to identify if any leaks are present. If a leak is found, we carry a full range of spares so we are able to carry out any repair's while we are there (at the customers request).

How Do I Get A Free Quotation ?
To receive a FREE quotation you can call us on 01543 503028 or simply fill out the contact form above.
We are able to give 99% of quotes over the phone so there is no need for anyone to visit you before the work is carried out.

Will You Beat Any Written Like For Like Quotations ?

We believe our prices are very competitive but if for any reason you do receive a cheaper written quote please feel free to let us know and we will do our best to match/beat this for you. (Company must have a website)

Are You Fully Insured To Work On My Property ?

Yes, we hold £5,000,000 Public and Employees Liability insurance which includes property worked upon.

Do You Clear Commercial Guttering in Cannock ?

Yes, please feel free to give us a call for m ore information regarding having your commercial guttering cleared.

Commercial Gutter Cleaning in Cannock

Commercial properties come in all shapes and sizes, this being the reason Unblock My Gutters are fully trained in all aspects of access and health and safety so we are able to access your commercial gutters in Cannock safely and efficiently using either MEWPs, fall arrest (man safe systems) depending on the project. Unblock My Gutters are gaining more and more commercial gutter cleaning clients year on year due to the fact that we offer a phenomenal service and we also realise health and safety is key.
Full risk assessments and method statements are written for every single job undertaken with every job well planed and organised by our well trained and competent gutter technicians who have years of experience in the commercial gutter cleaning field.

For your FREE site survey please feel free to contact us on 01785 503028
We don't only clear the debris from your guttering, we also offer a pvc cleaning service in Cannock.

Alongside our gutter cleaning service we also offer a fascia soffit and gutter cleaning service cleaning all of your homes pvc.
Is your homes pvc looking grubby and covered in algae and general dirt/grime?
Using our telescopic water fed poles alongside our pvc cleaning agents we are able to clean even the hardest to reach fascia soffit and gutters from the ground. 
Having your fascia soffit and gutters cleaned can really transform the look of your homes exterior and increase your property kerb appeal with very little cost.

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